Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Henry's Thanksgiving Feast

I am so thankful that my new job allows me the flexibility to be at all of the events at school.  I usually work on Tues, Weds, and Thurs, but this week I had Thanksgiving parties on Wednesday and Thursday so they let me work Mon, Tues, and Friday.  It is just a dream.  I loved not worrying about hurrying them through their parties so I could get back to work.  What a blessing!!!

Dad and I went to lunch and then headed to the Thanksgiving feast.  We got there and all the kids were sitting on the rug watching a Thanksgiving book.  They were being so quiet and had all their little turkey hats on...adorable!  Dad walked right over to Henry to let him know we were there.  Henry then went and sat with Dad in the housekeeping center.

Henry's started out with them sitting on the rug and singing a few songs with hand gestures.  Henry didn't do any of them because he wanted me the whole time.

yay for Thanksgiving feast #1!

And his tongue stayed out of his mouth the entire time.

Each child brought something to contribute to the feast.  Our job was 6 half ears of corn wrapped in foil.  They even made their green bean bundles and pumpkin pies.

Henry and his teacher

Dawson and Henry
Henry's party lasted about 10 minutes and then they all went out to play on the playground.

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