Sunday, November 16, 2014

Beck and Shari came to town!

When we heard the news that Chris Beck was coming in town for some sort of doctor interview we were thrilled!  We know that he is dying to move back to the great state of Louisiana and the even great city of Shreveport.  We will be so excited if they decide to move here...the only city where they will have great friends!! :) hint, hint.

Beck was like our first child...eating at our house 3-4 nights a week and using all our kitchen appliances.  Even gave himself the title of Bennett's godfather.  They arrived at our house after a tour of Shreveport and by tour I mean Beck drove Shari to all the places he lived during his 4 years in medical school.  I'm talking rent houses!  We think it is the craziest thing ever.  haha!

After 6 years away doing residency and fellowship the time has finally come for interviews for actual jobs after being in school for about 25 years.  We were happy to host Beck and Shari for a couple days.  Lots of folks came over to welcome them as well.  It was a great weekend!

We enjoyed a delicious meal at my favorite, Mabry House.  We were sad Nancy didn't come though.

Shari and Beck meet SK!

So glad Shari made herself at home.  I was so glad we got to meet Shari after 3 years..  She was so hilarious and fun to be around.  Hope to be seeing a lot more of Shari!

The Hannas with the out-of-towners

Amy and Daniel drove all the way from Dallas to see them!  

The Allen's came all the way from Bossier to say hello

SK had to change outfits 4 times this day.

Rebecca and her new fellow, Daniel.  And Neil being adorable

Oh yeaaaaaaaaaah!

Doesn't Bobby look fabulous???  Bobby and Beck were roomies.  I set them up.  

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