Monday, November 24, 2014

November Phone Dump

I can't believe I haven't posted in November yet!  Life is super busy around here.  With Neil being gone Monday-Friday it didn't leave much time for blogging.  Now that we got the GREAT news that he will not be going to Tulsa every week...I hope to back around these parts more.  Having Neil gone was really starting to take its toll on me.  So glad we don't have to do that anymore...a year is enough!

The sweetest girl got croup and her first and hopefully last ear infection.

Bennett's Christmas list

My adorable little snow bunny

I painted all 21 Indian names on shirts for Bennett's class.

I got to help out with Patio Play at Henry's school.  It was so much fun and I love being able to help.

Here's Henry at PE.

We took our annual Santa pictures and they are sooooo cute!  

I got to enjoy a MOPS mom night out.  Our mentor mom is fabulous!  She had all the stuff for us to make a craft.  We shoved Christmas lights in a bottle and Volia...a lit up wine bottle.  She even made soup for us!

We got a fence and a gate! yay for safety!

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