Friday, March 6, 2015

This week

Bennett has Dr. Seuss week at school.  They had something fun everyday.  

Monday was crazy hair day.
His hair is green and orange even though you really can't tell.

Tuesday was bow-tie and wacky sock day. (no picture)

Henry thought I needed a band-aid on my toe so he went and got one and doctored my foot!  Sweet thing.

Wednesday was Dr. Seuss hat day.
We had our 4th snow day on Thursday.

And Friday was green eggs and ham breakfast for kids and parents.

We sat with Bennett's favorite friend, Jack.

so glad I get to go to these things!

And Friday...whoa.  I normally don't work on Fridays, but with the snow day on Thursday, I felt like I needed to go in to get my Thursday stuff done.  Here's my schedule:

7:45: Green Eggs and ham breakfast
8:20: Henry's school to distribute Teacher Appreciation packets
9:00: Camp Gladiator
10:15 shower and get ready/clean up the house
11:30 pick up Easter shirt for Henry
11:45: pick up a quick lunch
12:00: pick up invitations for work
12:45: go to work
3:00: pick up Henry, Bennett, and SK
4:15: pick up a donation at Akin's for the FEMS auction

And then I got back out to my car and it was puttering.  hmmmmmm...I started backing out and it STOPPED!  I ran out of gas.  Neil was in Ruston and my dad was NO help...all he said was "why would you run out of have a gas gauge."  I called Carol who I thought might still be at school.  She was willing to come help and gave me the number to the gas station.  No answer!  The lovely man at Akin's went to the gas station to get their gas can.  They didn't have one.  He came back and checked around for a gas can and found one!  He then went back to the station and came back and funneled gas in my car!  How sweet!  I love the customer service at Akin's.  It is the best!

4:45: get gas
5:00: pick up my dad's 25th AA birthday cake (I'm bitter about this because he didn't help me)
5:15 play in the yard and then Henry pooped himself while I was feeding SK
5:16: put SK down for a nap/grab cleaning supplies:
5:18: clean up Henry and get him re-dressed
5:30 Get Bennett dressed/Neil gets home and we try to go leave
6:10: we finally make it out the door for our 6pm dinner
6:30: arrive at Port Au Prince for the longest dinner ever for Dad's AA birthday (I'm still bitter)
8:30 finally get home and all fall down!  Oh wait, had to feed Sister and get everyone ready for bed!
9:00 House of cards and sleep!

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  1. I ran out of gas one time when Matthew was out of town. Thankfully a friend came and helped. The kids were convinced we would have to sleep in our car. Ha!


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