Sunday, March 15, 2015

Church Pig Roast and Egg hunt

Neil is on the Methodist Men's committee and is in charge of the pig roast.  This is an all night affair for him and a couple other guys.  He loves it and we do, too!
Neil, Trey, and Curt
They added the Easter egg hunt to the pig roast this year. Normally we don't have a very big turn out at the pig roast, but since we had the egg hunt was a HUGE turnout!  They had face painting, jumpies, tons of eggs, and pinatas.  Tons of fun!
I painted Bennett's face!!

Family shot

Jake and Henry were ready for the pinata!

Go, Henry!  I was with Henry and Neil was with Bennett.  I missed all of Bennett's hits.  Apparently he was hitting it REALLY hard!

Fishing at Lickskillet

Bennett filled his entire basket!

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