Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sarah Kathryn is 11 months old!

Happy 11 months to our baby girl!  How did you get so big so fast?

Doctor appointment: none this month, but we were there twice last week.  Weight was 21 pounds.  And you were diagnosed with RSV.  We had a breathing treatment, steroid, and an inhaler.  Girl!

Clothes: You wear size 4 diapers.  You are wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes.  I've been putting bows in more and more and you just take them right out.  Ugh!  You look so cute either way.

Eating: You eat a 6 ounce bottle every three hours during the day while you are awake.  You eat fruit/oatmeal in the morning and 2 containers of food in the evening.  You've been trying new foods like blueberries, pasta, bread, and a few other things.  You seem to love baby food. :)  You don't really grasp the sippy cup idea.  We will keep working on it.

Sleeping:  You are getting great naps now. You take a good nap in the morning and a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  You usually go to bed for the night between 7-8.  We put you in your bed and you cry for 20 seconds and go right to sleep.  We've had a few rough nights lately with you staying up all. night. long.  Poor girl.  The wheezing has been keeping you up at night.

Likes: being held while standing up...this is a sure fire way to get you to stop crying...we just stand up and you stop, riding in the car, riding in the stroller, eating, the paci, splashing during your baths, your brothers, watching people, smiling, knowing what is going on at all times, clapping, and laughing

Dislikes: seeing me walk out of a room, being alone, and being put in your bed

News this month: You are pulling up!  Only to your knees though.  You rarely lock your knees.  Hmmmmm.  I don't think you will be walking by 1 and that is just fine.  I like having you stay a baby for a long time!

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