Friday, March 20, 2015

Bennett's Spring Fling

We had Bennett's Spring Fling fundraiser last week and it was so much fun.  I didn't know how it would be with having the whole family there, but it was so sweet!  All the kids had so much fun "dancing" (it was really hopping around) and seeing each other after school hours.  They presented the 5th graders, we ate, listened to music, and paid for our auction items.  What a fun party to look forward to while we are at FEMS.  

Sister needed a bottle right when we got there.

My committee is "class projects" on PTA.  We sell art projects made by our kids for $10.  Of course, we had to buy Bennett's bulldog!
Henry woke up the next morning and said "where is my blue star?"

Party pics!

A close up of the picture.

Even Pops and Carolyn joined us for the evening.

Dinner was a taco bar or chicken tenders. kid-friendly!

Ms. Horne AKA future Caddo teacher of the year.

mom and dad


The boys had so much fun!  Sahil, Jack, Bennett, and Marshall

Jack and Bennett

Amy and me

you know how I love a family photo!! :)

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