Saturday, March 21, 2015

Scheduled Saturday

I like when we have days when we have no plans, but I also love having a schedule.  I guess each of those days just comes when we need it most.  This Saturday was a scheduled Saturday.  I had 2 baby showers and we had a fun dinner.  I love showers!

We were excited about celebrating Lynsie and Baby Millie.  Yay for another Sigma Kappa legacy!

Our next shower was for Margaret, Neil's cousin on down the line twice removed and all of that.  She looks fabulous and we can't wait to meet her baby girl.  
Rebecca and Beauty Queen

All the Lewis gals
And lastly, we had our 2nd Quarter Financials dinner meeting for Preakness Properties.  After 3 years, it's our first celebratory dinner.  We went to Bella Fresca and then had drinks after at the Steakhouse.  What fun!

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