Friday, February 13, 2015

Henry's Grandparent's Day

Henry had grandparent's day at his school.  I've never been because I thought it was just for grandparent's and I always had to work.  Well I have missed out!  What a great little program they had!  I think everyone had a tear or two as the children sang the sad, sweet, patriotic songs.  It was so emotional!

They started the day with a breakfast.  Pops and Gammy met us there.  I had to bring fruit and was late with it because I had to drop off stuff at Bennett's school for Valentine's Day.

We went to the performance...we sat on the balcony so we could see.  I so wish I would have had my zoom lens for my little boy!  Oh, it was so cute!  They sang 4 songs...the same 4 songs that Bennett sang for the past 2 years.  How fun!  This has been the only time I've thought about missing FBCS when we are at our new school next year.  What a sweet day!

There's our little guy right in front in the red sweater vest.

He actually performed!  So cute!

He even did the hand movements!  I think he couldn't see us so he did his thing!

He got mad about something here.  He had 4 VERY PROUD grandparent's watching him...and me!

Gammy and Henry at the breakfast.

After the performances, the middle school sang all 5 theme songs from each branch of the US Armed Forces.  If you or an immediate family member is/was in that branch while they were were supposed to stand.  TEARS!  Richard stood for Navy for his Dad. Mom and Janine stood for their dads for Air Force.  I thought my grandfather was in the Army??

They gave out awards for oldest grandparent.  They started with "stand up if you are 60!"  Richard got to stand and was so proud!  The lady who won was 88...We said if Gigi would have come we would have won by 10 years!!  Nana and Granddad also got to stand for traveling the longest distance for the 50 miles category.  The lady who won traveled 1,400 miles.  Darn. No prizes for us.

Yay for 61!
We headed to the classroom to see Henry's art and centers.  He really only wanted to play on the iPad!

Showing Nana his artwork
After, we headed to lunch at Marilynn's which was lots of fun!  We are so thankful that our kids have 4 fantastic grandparents and 3 great-grandparents!

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