Sunday, February 15, 2015

Highland Parade

My favorite parade of the season is the Highland parade.  It is all about family and fun. The Buteau's had a party at their house again that made it easy for parking and hanging out.  Can't wait for next year!

I am so glad Rebecca decided to come over for the afternoon.  She bought us matching "laissez le bon temps rouler" shirts that I wore to every parade.  In fact, we all wore our Mardi Gras attire to each MG event...I just washed them everyday for a couple weeks!

The favorites are catching hot-dogs with little packs of mustard in them, bananas from the Chimp Haven float, and all the other random items such as: Ramen noodles, at least 7 different styles of footballs, dress up items including a fake tattoo sleeve, and other goodies!  What a great time with family and friends!
Sarah/Reid, Rebecca/Henry, Drew, Bennett, Neil and SK


Thanks to Leigh for watching SK while I wrangled all the boys!

Bennett LOVES footballs.  He hugged this one when he caught it.

Hotdog for this boy!

Rebecca couldn't believe she ate a hotdog off a float! ha!  When in Rome...

Beads and a Banana!!???

Our best shot at a family photo

Reid and Bennett

Love these cuties...we missed Dean!

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