Monday, February 23, 2015

Ice Day #1

We couldn't believe that we got a snow day...much less 3!  The weather was cold, but no real snow came the first day.  We had more sleet and ice.  Drew and Jake came over for breakfast and lunch and then the roads started getting bad.  They went home and Daddy came home from work to avoid icy roads.   SK went down for a nap so we bundled up and went outside to enjoy the ice!

Here it was starting to come down.  They were in awe!

We made snowflake cookies that looked more like flowers.

The boys made mini biscuit pizzas for lunch.

It's snowing!!! (really it was ice but they don't need to know that!)

First things first,.. snow angel!

Bennett said "Let's throw the snow up in the air and say 'SNOWDAY!"

Getting the mail and here comes Daddy!

They got Daddy right when he got out of the car

Redneck gloves: ziploc baggies and emijays!

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