Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow day #3!

We just knew we would wake up to a winter wonderland, but sadly, we did not.  I checked the weather and the radar showed that lots was coming.  They were right!  About 9 am we had actual snow falling from the sky!  It was beautiful!!  It fell for about 2 hours and then just stopped.  And now it is already melting away...only 4 hours later.  I just can't get over how pretty it is seeing our trees covered in snow and the pure delight in the eyes of my boys!  What a sight!

This is Louisiana???

Sure tastes good!  Those trash can lids were our sleds, but they didn't quite work.

Our pan collecting snow for snow ice cream.  Haven't made it yet.

This is the only hat I had! ha!  Sun hat or snow hat?  Worked great to cover my head and neck!

more snow angels

Bennett died laughing when I tried to catch him and missed!

He even fell over!

Yay!  A real snow man!

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