Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

As I said in another post, I love celebrating EVERYTHING!  Call me crazy, but I like making every moment count.  It's not much work and I am not trying to win any photography or party styling awards (obviously)...just a few little things made by my kids on the table to make it different than other mornings.  

Valentine's breakfast was heart shaped pancakes with sprinkles and pink milk.  Mmmmmm.

After breakfast, we headed to Lowe's to make our "sweetheart frame."  Funny, I don't even know where those went!! :)
Bennett's Valentines "Whoopee! It's Valentine's Day!" on a whoopee cushion.  sorry, parents.

We had a family project to create a Valentine's mailbox out of an old cereal box.  Bennett was adamant that he didn't need my help.  I LOVE THIS SORT OF THING.  I was cringing because I wanted to help!!  I had so many ideas.  But, then I had to get a grip because it's a Kindergarten art project for crying out loud.  So, he wanted red and white only..I found paper and he drew all the fancy hearts, BFF, and I love you on it.  I asked him what color he wanted his letters to be for his name because I was going to Hobby Lobby...he said Orange and Green! ha!  That's what I got.  He was so proud and so am I!  Great job, Bennett!!
We brought the Valentine's colors on hearts? yes, please.
Sissy loved her balloon!

Valentine's lunch was heart shaped pizza.  No one ate it.

Henry's Valentine: "I'm donuts about you, xoxo Henry."  He loved powdered sugar donuts so I thought this was fitting.

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