Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ice Day #2

We got to stay home again from school and work on Tuesday for another ice day.  The roads were pretty bad this morning and would have made it pretty dangerous for going to school and work.  People think it's dumb to close school for this long, but I think it is smart.  The folks in charge can't put 10,000 kids on buses all over town on icy roads. I get it.  More fun for Mommy and the kids.  Neil stayed home to work today.   We left and went to play with Drew, Jake, Reid, and Dean for a few hours so he could work. 

It seems that we've been cooking/baking for 3 days straight!  I love it!  Today we made home-made pop-tarts.  The boys decorated them with icing and sprinkles.  

My heart is full!! And my forehead is wrinkled...#botox  #please

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