Friday, February 20, 2015

Tubes for Our Girl

After an ear infection per month since October, we decided to get tubes placed in Sarah Kathryn's ears.  And since we apparently love the ENT (this makes 4 surgeries with Dr. Pou for our kids) we get a discount on our 5th surgery!  Not!...but I did suggest it!  He didn't find it funny.

Hopefully these tubes will make her feel better and help her to not be in pain.  It was just awful having her on antibiotics 10 days per month only to get them 2 weeks later AGAIN.

Thankfully, Pops came over bright and early at 5:20 am to sit with the boys so we could take Sarah Kathryn to the hospital.  Amy came over and got Bennett ready for school and took him with her.  Thank you, Amy! I don't know what I would have done without y'all!

Such a big girl.  The Child Life lady gave her a little toy.

So happy!

It was so nice to have Carolyn there.  She was able to take her back to the OR so she wouldn't be scared.  Nurses are the best...especially when they are Carolyn!
I get so nervous when they take my babies back to be put under.  The doctor came back within 10 minutes and told us how well she did!  Yay! Answered prayers.

We got home and I found a fruit snack on the floor and said "who is eating fruit snacks?"  I looked around the corner and saw these 2 on the couch and Henry said "I am!"  It was 7:30 am.
Ann snuggled up!

Happy girl looking out the window.

She took a tiny nap and then wanted to eat some breakfast.  So happy!

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