Thursday, April 17, 2014

Special Day with Henry

I wanted to do something special with Henry's class since I got to go to Bennett's.  I picked up a bunny book, bunny ears, and a fun snack for the kids.  When I arrived Henry kept saying "no, that's my mommy!"  I liked it! :)

All the kids were so good sitting in the circle listening to the story.  They loved their ears!  They even answered all my questions about the book...such good boys and girl.  We only have 1 girl in our class.

Max, Benjamin, Henry, me, Mary Ellen, and Thatcher

There's George off to the all their classic names.

Snack time!


of all the pictures taken of just us 2...this was the best and Henry was in mid-sneeze!

This one was OK, but Ben-Ben ran by as she snapped it!
 I LOVE getting to spend this special time with my boys.  We have leisurely mornings for breakfast, I drop them off late, and pick them up early.  I won't be able to do this when Bennett is in "real school."

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