Sunday, April 6, 2014

Air U

Andrew, being the good uncle he is wanted to take the boys to Air U, the new trampoline park in town.  This place is CRAZY!  It has tons of wall trampolines and a grid of smaller ones.  It has a couple pits of foam for you to jump in. I was sure glad Andrew wanted to take them because Mama couldn't really get around too well there.  He brought a friend, Santi and she was a great help!  Pops and Gammy even stopped by to see the place.  Bennett has already decided he wants his birthday party here in December.

Henry liked the pads around the trampolines better than the actual trampoline

Bennett LOVED jumping in the foam pit

Wall trampoline jumping

Our try at a group shot

Henry would run, run, run down the long trampoline and then stop before he got to the end to gently let himself into the pit.

The blur is Bennett!

Thanks, Uncle!

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  1. Please can we have Bennett's birthday there! I am already excited! :(


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