Monday, April 28, 2014

Big Brothers

Nana and Granddad brought the boys home on Friday. We had gotten home Wednesday afternoon so we got to have 2 full days and nights with Sarah Kathryn. It was nice, but we missed our boys!  They were so excited to be at home with her.  They were also pretty excited about their big brother presents. Bennett will play with his toys and say "my sister gave me this." Sweet!

Bennett got all dressed up for us t-ball game and still made time to hold his sister. He is so sweet with her.

Sister started crying so the boys ran and got her 2 toys...a football and a bear and have them to her. They both love giving her the pacifier! Henry especially loves the paci. He likes to stick his finger in the middle of it and shove it in her mouth. We are working in being gentle.

Henry loves to check on his sister in the mornings. He says "where is my baby sister? Or "what he doing?" He likes to hold her, but not when she's crying! He wants to pass her off immediately if she cries! Can't blame him for that!

Henry sits on the Boppy to hold her because he likes to actually hold her with both hands. 

I am so thankful for these three babies! My heart is full.

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  1. Evie does the same thing with the paci! I'm pretty sure Charlotte will be a paci girl whether she wants to or not...if she makes even the tiniest squeak they run over and cram it in her mouth! :)


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