Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our beautiful 3rd baby!

Top: profile, bottom left: hand, and bottom right: 3D face shot
We are so excited to announce that our baby looks healthy and perfect!  Yippee!  I've been constantly worried about this baby for some reason.  I did find out that I have placenta previa which means the placenta is low.  Kerry didn't seem worried because she said 90% of them move on their own.  We will be praying for that!  We will re-check in 4 weeks with an ultrasound!  Yesssssssssss!  I love ultrasounds.

I do think they should give an ultrasound every time you go to the doctor.  Waiting 7 weeks to see my baby again was almost too much for me.  I just think that I NEVER go 7 weeks about seeing my kids now...why do I have to wait while they are in utero!?

We still are not finding out the gender.  Everyone is chomping at the bit to find out.  It is sort of funny watching everyone least that's what Neil says!

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