Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Trick-or-Treating 2013

We had a wonderful time trick-or-treating this year.  We were hoping the 90% chance of rain would hold off and it did!  It turned out to be perfect weather!  My boys were Batman ad Ironman.  We are loving superheroes around here.  

The Perez's invited us over again this year.  We stayed for a bit, but my people were itching to trick-or-treat!  We were glad that Gammy, Pops, Carolyn, and the Baker crew joined us for the fun!

I love these 2!

Alex and Bennett

Gammy and Bennett

Bennett started these "candy breaks" where they'd sit down after every other house to eat their candy.  

Halloween family pic 2013

Baker family

another candy break
We got home about 7:15 to spread out the candy and go through it.  Something weird happened and the candy disappeared after was gone the next morning!!  It's a good thing because Henry woke up saying "candy, candy, candy!"

Thanks so much to Carolyn for letting me borrow your camera since mine is still en route to Shreveport after the laptop key incident!

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