Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Legos and Lunch

Since I only had Henry for Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week we had some fun outings.  I wanted Bennett to be with us, but I thought "I would have taken Bennett at Henry's age" so we went!  Henry and I had some great one-on-one time.  He was the sweetest boy.  We headed to Sci-Port for the Lego Castle Adventure exhibit.  He loved it!

Henry had a total blast building his own castle.  He loved these huge legos.  We were building with about 3-4 other kids when another 2 year old just came and plowed through the entire thing!  He knocked everything down and started basically swimming through the blocks to make sure each one was knocked over.  His mom just said "awwww are you swimming in the blocks?"  The other mom's and I were sitting there dumbfounded.

 We started the re-building process on our own castle.  Henry literally stayed in this area for 45 minutes.  He loved it.

Well, we got the whole thing built and while standing inside Henry said "I did it!"  He was so proud!  The kid came back and tried to knock our new castle over AGAIN!  I had to say "NO! NO!"  His mom looked at me like I was crazy, but I had to stand up for my baby!
so fun!

Castle slide
We really had so much fun!  I was so glad to be able to have alone time with Henry like I had with Bennett all the time.  It is very important for me that Henry does not feel like the "middle child."  I want him to know how important he is!

Neil picked us up from Sci-Port and we met the Price's and Buteau's for lunch at a little Mexican restaurant in Bossier.  It was a fun day out!

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