Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bennett's Thanksgiving Feast

Bennett's Thanksgiving feast was just adorable!  I am so glad I took off a 1/2 day so that I could be there with my boy.  Thanks to Carol for watching the last 10 minutes of my class so that I could be on rock!

Mrs. E sent a note home with what every child chose to bring to the feast.  Bennett chose oranges and apples.  Easy enough for us!  Neil and I peeled a bushel of oranges the night before.  The letter also said that the room mom's were going to be the only people to serve and that other parents were welcome to attend but we could only stand back and watch.  Well, this made Neil feel like he shouldn't go, but I wasn't staying away.  Thank God I didn't!  Every child had either their mom, both parents, or grandparents there!  I am so glad I went because my boy would have been the only child without someone.  I drove off thinking how sad he/I would have been to not have someone there.  Also, the teacher wanted each parent to help their child serve their we were needed!  Goodness I never know what to do, but I do know that he is only little for a short time and I am just not missing his special days.  

I arrived and they were all seated in the circle in their Indian dress.  Bennett told me ahead of time he was the only kid with a green feather.  He chose it because it's Neil's favorite color.  He loves his daddy.  

Mrs. E told the children about manners, letting girls go first, and that we wait until everyone is served before we eat.  All lessons are not academic and I appreciated this life lesson.  

Singing their Thanksgiving songs

So sweet!
saying the prayer before the feast

How cute is the tablescape?  His place card will be used at our Thanksgiving table, as well.

me and my big 4 year old!

he ate really well...his favorite was the ham.  

These pies were amazing! I had to sneak a bite.  Brody's mom made these sweet potato pies.  The thought of sweet potato pie grosses me out, but man these were DELISH!

I love this!

Bennett and Sam with their tom-toms

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