Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween Parties!!!

I've decided I am never going to regret taking off work for fun parties and holidays so I took off for Halloween this year.  It was a great decision because I got to be with my boys at their schools and got to pick them up early!  Oh, I loved it!

I think I am a little bit obsessed with food looking like something else.  I love making treats that resemble some shape or animal.  Weird, I know.
We have Ritz spiders, pudding graveyard, Oreo Cats, and pancakes dyed to look like pumpkins (yum)

My first 10 stops of the morning in search of 3 more Peep ghosts really sent me into a tail spin.  I totally thought my package of ghosts had 12 in it...sadly, there were only 9.  At 8:30, I went to Wal-mart, Target, Party City, Kroger, and CVS!  I called numerous Walgreens, Rite-Aid's, and other grocery stores.  Not a ghost peep in this town!

I made it to Bennett's school by 9:15 to start the snack set-up.  Bennett was excited to see me which always makes me happy.

Circle time

My big boy!

Bennett loved the snack.

Bennett's table: Emma, Jake, Isabel, Conrad, Anne Elizabeth, and Bennett

Bennett loves Sam!

me and my boy

Brody and Sam wanted to get in the photo after Bennett and I took ours.

All the boys in the class: Jake, Brody, Bennett, Conrad, and Sam.00

The cute class.

Bennett got to pass out his Halloween goodies to all his friends...we gave books!

All of his goodies.

I left the school and headed to an appointment.  During the appointment I was called out because Bennett got "sick" at school.  We determined that he really just wanted to come home early to eat his Halloween candy.  He said "I just wanted to go home."  OK, I can handle that!  We met Daddy at Biscotti's for lunch.
Handsome lunch dates

Jennifer posted this gem on Instagram of Renee, Jennifer, Michael, and me at Halloween 1989.  I have no idea what my costume was besides homeless!

After Bennett and I went home and put a load of laundry in and straightened up the house...we headed to Henry's school for some Halloween fun.  They don't want the kids to ever have parties which I think is ridiculous.  The director said that some mom complained about having sugary snacks.   We took some little pumpkins for them to decorate and the boys loved it.  Henry only has 6 boys in his class!
We were glad Pops joined us.  He couldn't stay long because he had to head to Reid's Halloween party.

He was proud of his pumpkin.

We had banana ghosts, Ritz spiders, and cat oreos.  Hen's favorite was the banana.

Henry isn't in to taking pics...this is the best we could get.

Bennett LOVED being the helper with all the little kids.  

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