Thursday, November 7, 2013

We went to the fair.

I finally got my camera back from Canon.  It only took 3 weeks, 10 e-mails, 5 calls, and $300 to get my camera fixed.  Thanks to Bennett for popping a key off my SCHOOL laptop and shoving it in my memory card slot.  They replaced a few old parts of my camera while it was there so that was nice of them.  so glad to have it back!

My dad had some free passes to the fair so we used them and went.  Little did we know that it was $1 day so it was PACKED with every Tom, Dick, and Harry.  I just didn't realize how colorful the fair-goers could be.  I mean Wow.  We enjoyed ourselves by eating everything off a stick and watching the kids ride kiddie rides.

We were glad that Gammy met us there because she totally loves anything for kids.  That must be where I get it! We started off at the circus which was a little weird with some dancers dangling from ropes.  We headed to the midway, leaving in the middle of the circus.

corndogs for the boys

The big slide for everyone but me.  This is my favorite fair thing!

They loved it!

Neil almost went off on the carney operating this ride.  We told him we wanted Henry to be able to ride with Bennett so he told us to wait.  We waited and then he said Henry was too small!  Ugh!

Henry got to ride the zebra with Gammy

Both boys rode the truck together.  I wanted them next to each other for better pics, but Bennett was having nothing of it!

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