Monday, November 18, 2013

What we've been doing

Amy and I showed up to Keegan and AC's b-day party dressed alike

My boys got to skate!  We had just left Santa pics that's why they are wearing Christmas clothes in November.

These adorable boys picked out Christmas gifts.  Bennett put a "B" by all the things he wanted and an "H" by the things Henry wanted.  At least 8 things per page have a "B" next to it.

My sweet Bennett brought me gifts from school.  A turquoise fan  because it's my favorite color and a ponytail holder he found on the playground!  He even said "I got all the wood-chips off it for you!"

Spirit Day at FBCS!

Not many pics of Henry because he got to stay with my mom for 24 hours.  They had so much fun and he was exhausted when he got home.  He went to Bass Pro, Wal-mart, walking, shopping, out to breakfast...and the list goes on!
We had a "mystery date night" at church.  This is the best deal in town!  I love how our church invests in families.  We got to the church, picked up our tortilla box clues, and headed to Cantina Laredo.  Our next stop was Red Mango.  We got 3 hours of child care, dinner, and dessert for $30!  Sweet! 

I took Bennett to "Thomas the Train" day at Toy Fair.

He also had a birthday party at Gators and Friends.  He LOVES this outfit of camo pants and this top.  My boy!

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