Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Bennett is just the sweetest thing.  He is tender-hearted and is so loving.  I love watching him figure things out and watch his little mind work.  Oh, the heart of this boy!  Here are a couple of things he's said lately.

On the couch...

The other day we were going to our first machine pitch game...he was finishing watching How to Train Your Dragon 2 while I was loading the car with kids, water bottles, and baseball gear.  It was almost time for me to get Bennett to the car when I looked over and he had tears in his eyes.  I sat down and asked what was wrong and he said with the saddest expression "his father DIED!" So, I hugged him and we both just cried for a minute.  My big boy.

At the dinner table...

Me: Henry, sit down it's time to say prayers
Bennett: yeah, you better sit down or God will make you go time out in heaven
Bennett in a deep god voice: Henry, sit down!

In the car...

Bennett: Otis (Granddad's old dog who died a couple years ago) is in heaven in the clouds
Henry: Is Otis in the clouds, Bennett?
Bennett: yes, all dogs are happy in heaven

At home...

Bennett (with a big smile on his face): Last night (at Spring Fling) Marshall kept trying to get me to kiss Pressley!

I don't remember how the rest of the conversation went, but he mentioned something about the boys and girls chasing each other.  And it starts.

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