Sunday, April 5, 2015

Chicken and Waffles Bar Easter Meal

Rebecca found the idea and Nana & Granddad executed it!  Chicken and Waffles Bar for Easter.  Yum!  After the kids opened their baskets, we got started on the delicious meal.  Neil and I ran to Zaxby's to pick up the chicken while the grandparents watched the angels. It was nice getting 10 minutes of quiet.

Nana went to the store and bought 10 different toppings and even home made whipped cream.  We all took our turn whipping the cream but after 20 minutes we realized it was half and half!  We got the cream out and it was whipped in no time.  Granddad went and bought a big, fancy 2 sided waffle maker just for the occasion.  How fun!  And what fun grandparents!



Looking good!

I made these lemon cream crumb bars.  They called for old fashioned oats...I only had steel-cut.  not a good choice.

Hostesses with the mostesses

Sweet B

Our place cards were dyed eggs with names written on them

I think Neil was full

Place cards

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