Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pirates and Princesses

When I saw that Disney's Pirates and Princesses was coming to the Centurylink I just knew we had to go!!  Thankfully, Dianne gave us tickets to this fun event.  It was so nice to have great seats and not have to worry about fighting the crowds to get them.  Thanks, Di!

We invited the Baker's to go with us and I think they had fun, too.  We split up our one pirate costume between all the boys so everyone could feel a little pirate-ish.  

The second we got there the boys saw the $25 swords and lights and we bee-lined to the cotton candy.  They each got a snack and we went to the seats.
This beauty just sat and watched the whole thing so quietly.

The Baker's bought the sweet swords for the boys....soooo nice!

3 pirates and 1 princess and 1 queen :)

Baker crew minus Dean

Cute kiddies

She even wore her princess dress.  The popcorn came with a Sofia the First tiara that we are saving for her dress-up days :)

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