Saturday, October 25, 2014

At least we were together...

We've been planning our Dallas trip to see the Montgomery's for about 6 months now.  We were just thrilled they were coming down this way and along with the Buteau's we were headed to Dallas for the weekend.  Well, the trip didn't go as planned.

We checked the boys out of school after lunch right before their naps and headed to the big D.  Everything was working out a little too perfectly...everyone was in a good mood, SK never even cried the whole way to Dallas, and we arrived in Dallas at a good time with no traffic!  We set up our hotel room and then headed out to meet Leslie, Amanda, and Emily at Chuy's.  It was fun to be with friends and eat our Tex-Mex.  We had a delicious dinner, but Bennett didn't eat anything but a push-pop.  He said his stomach was hurting a little.  He acted totally happy though.  We went to Trailer Cakes after dinner and he didn't even want a cupcake. He was playing and having fun.
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We left and headed back to the hotel...we saw a Walgreens and I thought it would be a good time to get our Zofran Rx filled.  Dr. C gave us one just in case we needed it.  She said that we would have known if anyone got the bug from SK by Friday morning so we would know whether or not to go to Dallas.  Too little, too late.  We pulled in and I ran to take the Rx in to be filled.  I came back out and Bennett got out of the car and Neil walked him to the other side of the parking lot while I fed SK a bottle.  Bennett threw up and was so sad.  They walked back to the car and he thew up again.  It was just terrible!  I went back inside to get the Rx, crackers, and Ginger Ale (medicine drink as Bennett calls it).  I gave each boy a pill and we headed to the hotel.  Oh, and SK was screaming the entire time! :)

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We got back to the hotel and got Bennett a wet washcloth and got everyone in bed.  We just knew Henry would start vomiting at any moment...he didn't.  I let Casey know the circumstances and we thought we'd just play it by ear.

6:40 am on Saturday: Bennett bounced out of bed and said "I'm feeling better!!!"  A huge part of me wanted to just get us all up and ready to go about our Dallas plans and I totally would have if I didn't think we would've looked like assholes for taking the stomach bug to the Arboretum.   We just decided we couldn't risk getting a million kids sick at the oh so cute Trick-or-Treating and cake walk at the Arboretum.  And this also meant not seeing the Montgomery's.  I was in tears.  So sad and disappointed.  I wanted to let all our kids play together in their costumes and get cute pics like these...


So we made the best of the trip and played hot lava in the hotel room and looked out the window at the interstate.  We loaded up and headed to IKEA and then came home.  We even felt a tad guilty for letting the kids walk around IKEA!

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I thought this indicated that he was getting sick...but, knock on wood...nothing!

At least we were together making memories!  It will be a funny story one day!

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  1. Those pics made me tear up. So sad it didn't work out!


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