Friday, October 31, 2014

Henry's Halloween Party 2014

It's like stepping back in time doing all of Henry's parties.  They do all the same things Bennett did.  It's just different kids and different parents.  It is a fun, sweet group that's for sure!

Neil and I were both able to go to Henry's party and he was so excited.  We had to divide up our time between both Bennett and Henry do we couldn't stay at the whole thing for both.  Hopefully this will be the last time this year that they have something on the same day. I HOPE!!

Such a good boy sitting with this class


Class picture with Mrs. Rose

Singing songs for us

He loved it!

He really knew all the words and got into the hand motions.  We were impressed!

They got to have a fun snack... Henry kept telling everyone "I brought that" and would point to the pumpkin cups.  

Little oranges made to look like pumpkins and witch hats

Mommy, Henry, and Daddy


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