Friday, October 31, 2014

Bennett's Halloween Pajama party

We were all ecstatic that Neil got to enjoy our Halloween parties.  I cried when he said he was coming home. Being out of town is really a lot on us.  We dropped everyone off at their schools and headed to Bennett's.  He had to bring a pillow, stuffed animal, slippers, tennis shoes for recess, a flashlight, and our donation was star sprinkles. Thank goodness we went with him because he had tons to carry.

Sweet big boy!!  He was sitting on the rug listening to all of the instructions like the biggest boy.  We were so proud.

Sweet little class in their pjs

The first station was the snack...he got to make a night time scene with a graham cracker, star sprinkles, chocolate frosting, and a mini vanilla wafer for the moon.  They even drank yoo-hoo for their drink.

The even asked the parents to wear pajamas!  I didn't have any...I could not find pajamas...what is wrong with me!!?? I wore a t-shirt, yoga pants, and slippers.

Neil reading a bedtime story to the group.

The next station Bennett flew through...he got to play on an iPad if he finished.

Bennett and Owen (Room-mom kids)  :)

He wasn't ready for us to leave.  This station was to measure, weigh, and draw your stuffed animal.  He had 2 more stations that we missed because we had to make it to Henry's party.

The last 2 stations were drawing a night scene and adding nocturnal animals and a station where the kids wrote their names on 22 pillow cases for their classmates.  A few of us mom's stamped the pillow cases a few weeks ago to have them ready for the party.  Room-momming is a full time job!

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