Thursday, October 16, 2014

Henry's Fall Fest

So I was pretty proud of myself for taking all 3 of my babies to the fall Fest. I felt like I was going to fall over by then end of it, but was so glad we went. Thankfully, Pops brought Bennett for me so I could get Henry by the time school was out.  

We did every game, jumpy, ride, and ate tons of candy! We loved looking at the pumpkin displays and I enjoyed taking pictures.  I'm so glad Henry goes to such a sweet little school.

Our class display was fabulous, but they all are! We've been working to get ours done for a few weeks and it was a huge group effort. One mom got the pumpkins done with the kids, one mom designed the background, and one mom had it printed. Group effort!!!

Henry and his little friend Dawson

The school always asks for baked goods for the bake sale so I made Halloween Oreos on a stick. So cute and so easy!  

Megan was carrying a stick from my baked good and I asked her about it. She said Jake got it and Johnny was jealous!! I saw Johnny later with 2 of them! Proud Baker moment. :)
Sweet Sarah Kathryn was so good the entire time.

Pony rides! I'm on the left cut out of the picture

And at this moment I wanted to cry and fall over. Right before this I got our dinner to go, drinks, and pushed the stroller with my elbows. Apparently no on noticed the mom with full hands and 3 kids who clearly needed help. I'm not complaining!!! But, maybe I am. :)

Overall it was a fun memory and I'll do it again next year!

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