Monday, October 28, 2013

Rebecca's 30th!

We had a totally fabulous 30th birthday weekend for Rebecca!  We went to Dallas market, Blaine's for fancy hair, and then to dinner at Dish.  

me, Amanda, and Rebecca

This was the first thing we saw when we entered the restaurant!  ha!  
Robin Thicke, Miley, Mad Hatter, and cat.

Andy and Becky

The chef sent out a salted caramel pudding that was delish!

We both did not enjoy our hair.
After our Dallas "business trip," we headed straight to Ruston for the family birthday dinner.  Virginia, Robbie, Cameron, and Mary Claire are moving back to Ruston to they were in town house hunting.  Looks like they'll be your neighbors, Merideth!
cousin picnic

Henry liked counting Gigi's toes!

Happy 30th, Rebecca!!

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