Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Fun

Summer is such a fun time, but in Louisiana it is incredibly HOT!  We like to spend a lot of time indoors or with water if we are outdoors.  This has been my first summer to work since having kids and it has been a little hard piecing together camps and child care.  Thankfully, Nana and Granddad have come to our rescue and taken a lot of that burden off of us!  When we need childcare...they help!  We sure are glad Granddad is back from his 2 month sailing excursion so he could help Nana!  

We saw a couple of movies and invited friends to both.  We saw the Minion movie with Sam and Dawson.  The boys love getting to invited friends.  We took Sarah Kathryn to school so we could enjoy the movies.

Sam and Bennett
Henry and Dawson riding the motorcycle.  Too bad it didn't actually work.
Neil spent a few weeks working and traveling to W. TX Monday-Friday.  We would get up bright and early and get him from the airport.  We tried to eat breakfast at the airport each time, but we only made it once.  The other times, Neil got off the plane and got his bags early!  They loved being able to hang on his suitcase while he pulled it through the airport.
We got to go to the Bull Buteau Foundation Skeet Shoot again this year.  It is such a great cause!  
And we won the GRAND prize! We won some sort of 20 gauge or a 12 gauge shot gun.  Can't remember the gauge, but I'm sure that doesn't is fancy!
We had Drew over to spend this night.  Both boys have gotten to spend the night out for the first time and both stayed at the Raines'.
Since Sarah Kathryn isn't walking and she is over 15 months old, the pediatrician suggested that we look into physical therapy.  We had an appointment at Shriner's and they gave us knee immobilizers.  I think she is totally fine, but they said she has wobbly ankles, low tone, and her hips need to mature.  She hates the things.
Since we love infomercials, we picked up the balloon bonanza and the boys had 10 minutes of fun with the 120 water balloons. How fun!
so fun and it really is as easy as it says.
We took Drew and Jake to see "Inside Out."  People said they didn't think it was appropriate for kids..what?  It was so cute and not sad like I heard it was.

Our summer is almost over.  It's been a great one.  And now let me get depressed as I think that I only have 11 more summers with all of us still together!  wahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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