Saturday, July 11, 2015

Loaded Down and Beach Bound

We were up and ready to head to the beach at 5am on Saturday morning.  Mom arrived, we loaded her stuff and headed out. We were naive to think any of the children would go right back to sleep after waking them up.  That dream didn't happen.  Really the drive down wasn't too bad.  SK did scream for about 1-2 hours collectively of the 9 hour trip to the beach. Not bad at all.  The boys were exceptional and just couldn't wait to get to the beach!

This sweet girl FINALLY fell asleep.  We had to put some of Henry's pants on her because her legs were getting cold and she wouldn't keep a blanket on.  She slept for 45 minutes of the 9 hours ride.  OMG.
Florida!  We made it!

And you know I couldn't pass this thing up!

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