Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Beach Boy Henry

Henry had lots of fun at the beach this year.  He wore his puddle jumper most of the time.  It was for peace of mind and safety because he is a wild man!  Henry really needed a nap everyday, but would just not fall asleep.  We finally got him down 1 day and he never woke up until the next morning!  Beach tired is a REALLY big tired!  Henry and Jake played lots and were usually content to make up games on their own.  Henry's claim to fame this trip was that he pooped in a beach bucket on the beach! Yes.  I had no other way to help him.  I am thankful that he didn't go in his pants!

Donut Hole

Tricks in the pool with Daddy

Henry got to drive the boat

Neil buried him and made him look like a "marmaid."

This was Henry's only nap...and he fell asleep with his shirt on backwards with a bag of Cheetos!

His poor head!  We caked sunscreen on it every 80 minutes.

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