Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Beach Babe Sarah Kathryn

Our little girl was such a sweet thing at the beach.  She went with the flow and played, splashed, ate, crawled in the sand, and just had an all around good attitude...until the horrendous 12 hour drive home.  she only screamed for 9 of the hours.  but, we had a great trip down to the beach! ha!  I was so thankful that mom was able to come with us...she was the best help EVER!  We got to do so many things because of her.  She LOVES bathing the kids and Neil and I love letting her.  Anytime they get in the pool or ocean she thinks they need a bath... go Gammy!  We are happy to let you do that.  

SK loves her Gammy
Sweetie pie!
She loved crawling all over the beach.
Beach babes
I just can't get enough of our matching outfits.  #weneedmore
she waved to every. single. person. the entire time.  It was precious!
Daddy's girl
I loved dressing her up even if we weren't going anywhere.  I didn't realize how many beach themed outfits she had.
This was Maddie and Amelie's dress...Erin gave it to her and Oh, how precious it is!
I sent Erin this picture and she said even Andre remembered the girls wearing it.  How sweet!

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