Sunday, May 25, 2014

Our Sports are OVER

Bennett finished his t-ball this week and Henry finished his soccer this weekend.  We've had a fun couple of sports-filled months.  The boys really love participating so we will be back again next season with more!  Here are some pictures of their last games.

Bennett has really thrived this season. He absolutely loves being on the field and on the team. He loves Coach Bud too!  Bud is so patient with each kid. I really don't know how he's done this the last 3 months. He is great with the kids.

Bennett always had a great cheering section. He's had grandparents, aunt, uncle, and friends come watch!

Henry has really done well with soccer shots.  He didn't really do it at first, but now he is really into it. He even sort of listens to the coach!  He likes dribbling the ball and is actually pretty good at controlling it. He loves to score goals and play with the cones. The playground at the park is sort of a distraction especially when Bennett is playing on it.  We really wanted to make sure soccer was all about Henry since Bennett has gotten to do so much. Bennett really cheers him on and it's so sweet to watch!  Thanks to Pops for coming to every soccer! Gammy got to attend a couple and so did Uncle Frank!

Bennett took lots of pictures at soccer. This was one he took! We have lots of the other dads, grass, birds, squirrels, and ants. My little photographer!

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  1. Henry looks so big playing soccer! Our baseball is just starting- first game this weekend!


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