Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lewis, Party of 5

Our new family of 5 has been brave!  We've gone all over the place...mostly to eat.  

I took the kids to Target and felt like Superwoman!  I was seriously so proud like I had really accomplished something.  You can tell from this picture that we had a good experience.  I said "look at me and smile" and got this picture.  This is real life.

Sarah Kathryn slept through Bennett swatting Henry.

We traveled to Minden to celebrate Nana's Mother's Day.  She wanted us all to get together for crawfish so that's just what we did.  I had to nurse SK for 20 minutes in the car when we first got there so I didn't really get to visit.  Nana enjoyed the gifts that the boys chose for her.  Bennett chose nail polish and pink body wash.  Henry chose rubber gloves, a bucket, and a lip gloss that looked like a purple crayon.  They are always proud of what they choose!

Bennett "Mom, take my picture, the crawfish is biting me!"

Nana and her 3 grandbabies

Aunt Boodle and SK

The whole crew minus Neil and add James and Jim Brown (FYI: I put a sticker on my fat rolls)

We had a fun Preakness Properties lunch at Don Juanz...a Preakness family favorite.  We love the PP crew!  We had to have a working lunch to discuss possible Mobile Home Boot Camp and it was FUN!  We are trying to decide if we are going to Denver or Charleston.  I love either, but am hoping for Denver so we can see the Montgomery's.
Jared and Camille

Katie, Neil, SK, me, Camille, and Jared... Anna Kate is in the background!:)
 We took the family to Rotolo's for the launch of a new Red River beer.  Delish!
Sweet boys: Henry, Neil, Bennett, and Drew

Thanks to Amy and Daniel for meeting us!  Love your Godzilla shirts!  


  1. I have no idea what Mobile Home Boot Camp is, but it definitely needs to be in Denver!

  2. I am dying over that sticker!!!


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