Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bennett's K-4 Picnic and Bus Ride

We had a nice K-4 year!  It was a huge change from K-3 in that Bennett wasn't babied as much and we weren't informed like last year.  They are preparing us for BIG kids school!  Bennett had some rough patches at the beginning of the year, but we seemed to get everything all worked out by the end of the year.  We are so proud of you, Bennett!  You mastered all of the things they wanted you to master and made some new friends.  You are such a big boy who is kind, helpful, loving, and caring.  

First Day----------------------Last Day (What a change!)

You had blast at your end of year city bus ride and K-4 picnic.  I was nursing SK in the car and you were worried that I wasn't coming.  I saw you standing at the edge of the playground looking for me and when I walked up with the stroller you were so excited and ran for us with big hugs!  

If I wasn't on maternity leave I would have been giving finals and would have missed it.  I am so happy about my new job that will allow me to be with you, Henry, and Sarah Kathryn and attend your special events!

All the K-4's

Silly pic: my kid is the one with his butt in the air.  I am proud.

saying the prayer before lunch

Bennett, Jake, and Conrad

The Mighty Monkey's

Conrad and Bennett with their popsicles

Our job was to bring the cookie cake.

boys and cookie cake

My big boy and me

Mrs. Elgin and Bennett

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