Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

We had a happy Mother's Day around here.  It was sort of non-eventful because we had to stay home all weekend due to potty training Henry.  He has to be trained by August or he can't start First Baptist.  Neil made mom and me feel extra special.  He got up and cooked pancakes for me and the kids, made a fabulous lunch of Newk's and Cane's, and then grilled pork chops and made home-made mac and cheese for dinner.  I guess all we did was EAT the whole day!  Thanks, Honey!

Gammy loved her pedi/mani gift certificate!

Bennett is wearing his current outfit of choice...JEANS.  He wears them even when it is 90 degrees outside.

I heard some banging around in the kitchen and wondered what was going on.  Neil was whipping up a surprise dessert for me!  How sweet!  He knows how much I love cookie cake so he made one.  I smelled something burning a little while later...

oops...didn't take into account that it would expand and fall all over the oven.  No big was still delicious!
The boys got to decorate the cake...

And finally a picture with all 3 of my babies!!!  yesssssssssss!  One blessed Mama!

all my cards

Look what Henry made and planted.  Sweet!
And I now have a little trivet with Bennett's picture on it!

I love hand-made gifts from my babies!!

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