Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day at the zoo

Since we all got to be together for Memorial Day, we decided to head to the zoo.  Neil needed to work a half day so he went to work from 6am-10am so that we'd have time to go.  We even stopped in Longview at my favorite, Taco Bueno for lunch! mmmmmmmmm.

Henry was up at 6 am so he fell asleep as we entered Longview.  He also selected rain boots to go with his outfit.  Love him so much!

We headed straight to the petting zoo and the bathrooms when we arrived.  We were so proud that Henry had NO accidents the whole time at the zoo.  What a big boy!  Bennett really loved the zoo map.  He carried it around the entire time and showed us where to go.  He did not want to waste too much time at each animal.  Once he saw the animal, he was ready to move along to the next one on the map.

All my people checking out the giraffes, elephants, and zebras

a family shot in front of the giraffe

Henry is standing in the elephant footprint

Henry really liked looking at the animals for a while.  One of these turtles peed and it looked like milk and Henry said "that turtle spilled some milk!" haahahahaha!  He loved asking questions and checking out all the animals. 

One of our favorite spots was the wild bird area.  You were able to buy a feed stick and feed the birds.  The boys LOVED this!  They each wanted their own bird, but would scare them away with their abrupt movements.  It was fun!
Here is Bennett with his map!

Some highlights:

  • The kids were on their best behavior at the zoo.  They were just perfect and we couldn't have asked for it to go more smmothly.  Also, Sarah Kathryn was so sweet!  She just rode along and ate her bottle when she was hungry!
  • We loved that any bird that flew by like a robin or sparrow the boys would be like "wow, a bird!" (like it was an animal living at the zoo)  Henry would be next to a cage of 10 wild animals and would stare at a housefly on the sign and talk about it! ha!
  • We loved being together!

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