Friday, June 15, 2018

The Long Haul

We began our 9 hour car journey from Plano to Santa Rosa, NM on Friday.  We started my totally awesome car game about an hour in to the trip.  It's where they have to work as a team to earn presents. The presents are wrapped and contain items from the dollar store, Target dollar bin, and even some candy.  Not expensive, but a lot of work wrapping all that stuff.  I will do anything to not have a mutiny on my hands in the car!

It really worked!  The angels were EXCELLENT!  They loved opening their prize-o's!  We loved the quiet.  Win-Win.

We stopped in Amarillo again for Cadillac Ranch.  We went to Wal-mart on the way to pick up our own spray paint to do some graffiting to the cars.  You could smell the fumes from the road!  I really wanted to make sure SK went since the boys just went in February.

Cute little graffiti artists

Always doing these ballet poses

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