Saturday, November 12, 2016

Santa's Workshop

Henry's little school has a fun fundraiser called Santa's Workshop.  It is Christmas themed a few weeks before Thanksgiving.  They have pictures with Santa, a fun preview party, and a Christmas program and silent auction.  This year I was in charge of the Wine Pull and Sweet Shoppe with Jill.  We make awesome co-chairs mainly because Jill is so awesome.  I dropped the ball so many times due to other kids having stuff, the BREWtifiul Bash, or hair appointment. Thanks, Jill for being awesome!
My babies looked so darn cute for their Santa pics!

Neil said : did they lose some sort of bet to have to wear those vests?" They look so cute!

Who is it???

Sister was not impressed.

Here are the only pics I have of us from the Preview Party.
We got all dressed up and headed to the school on Saturday morning for Henry's performance.  He sang so sweetly!
Fake snow out front!

Jingle Bells with our little sweet!  He and the kid next to him kept pushing each other.  sigh.

He was really into it!

Santa's helper with my boys

Neil and Kenneth were the Polar Express conductors.  We had one issue with that because our kids were singing at the same time.  We had to track someone down who could drive the train!  Luckily after asking several guys, someone volunteered.

Sister loved the decorations!

Gammy and SK

My girl and me

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