Thursday, November 10, 2016

BREWtifiul Bash

Rebecca and I were talking one day about having a fun bash with lots of "beautiful" things.  We basically brainstormed and the Holiday BREWtifiul Bash was born!  While getting a pedicure, I started texting people to see if they'd be interested in having a booth at the bash.  Literally everyone said yes!  We had a few randoms write me off the Facebook event, word of mouth from other vendors, and pretty soon I had 17 vendors!  I was worried leading up to it if anyone would come and we ended up having over 150 people attend!  How cool is that!?  I was so proud of the success of the event! Leigh started screaming when she pulled in the parking lot and it was FULL! :)

What is really wonderful is seeing true friends who want you to succeed walk through the door.  Friends who asked what they could do to help without expecting a thing in return.  I just love our community and how it supports locals and their businesses.

Our flyer was so cool!  We added several vendors after it was made.

We were even featured in the new Lola Magazine.

I felt like a movie star getting my hair and brows done the day of the event.

So proud of my table!  As Don pointed out, I had my booth in the middle of the room.

Amy checked everyone in and made sure we were timely with our door prizes.  It was funny that mostly men  or vendors won the door prizes!

So glad my SIL set up her R+F!

Trying to get a picture of Neil and me and Dad got in.  

Here's a picture of most of the vendors.  Some left before we got to the picture.

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