Sunday, November 20, 2016

Friendsgiving 2016

We had a ton of fun at our Friendsgiving this year!  A small group of friends gathered over fried turkey, delicious sides, and yummy non-homemade desserts.  My friend, Julie just started Card My Yard Shreveport and gave us a free yard greeting!  Love it!
Obligatory self-timer pic!

Thankful for Daniel and Amy!

Bennett, Amelie, Maddie, Anna Kate, and SK!

Catherine and Amy

A shop Thanksgiving!  Don't look at all the junk in the background.

Bryce be loving that pie!  Catherine the little pilgrim girl.

Have I ever mentioned my love of pilgrims? I was a pilgrim 2 years in a row for Halloween so that I could wear my costume to Thanksgiving!  We used to have Thanksgiving in Oneonta, AL in this big mountainside cabin. My uncle Chris took us one year and I said "Do you think I should bring my pilgrim costume?"  Not one for anything regular clothes, he of course said YES!  So we have pictures of me "serving" at the meal in my costume. The only one in costume.  Wish I knew where those pictures were.

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