Thursday, November 17, 2016

Harvest Festival with my Rowdy Raccoon

Harvest Festival is so much fun.  Henry got to experience it last year for the first time.  This year Henry's Indian name was Rowdy Raccoon.  This fits our boy.  There were many sweet names like "Dancing Deer," "Calm River," "Laughing Eyes," and "Rainbow Princess."  We have Rowdy Raccoon.  We love our Rowdy Raccoon!

Since Henry is in the oldest class (Bridging), his class gets lots of fun things.  They get to have special fields trips, act out the nativity, and tie-dyed Indian shirts!  If that's not authentic I don't know what is!
Here they are walking out to have chapel.

Sweet Rowdy Raccoon

Our first station was painting teepees and totem poles.  Jill and I actually made our totem pole and all 6 teepees.  

This is such a fun station!

Another station is making Indian Corn magnets.  Henry loves blue so he used only blue beads for his magnet.

Here we are in the photo station.  He made a matte board for his individual photo.

Henry loves the copper punching.  It is so much fun!

Pops stopped by for a minute at the clay pot making station. Henry made a clay snake.

Mrs. Rogers' Rainbows!

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