Sunday, November 6, 2016

Fair Fun 2016

Pops and Gammy love the fair.  They went on their first date to the fair (how romantic) so they love seeing the grandkids enjoy it. All 5 of us, Gammy, Pops, Carolyn, and Reid all went out to the fair.  We rode horses, slides, rides, played games, and ate!  It was fun!  We arrived during the afternoon so we could see the animals and stayed so that we could see all the pretty lights!  How fun!
Pony rides for all the kids!

Giraffe feeding

Picture on the Midway

Sister LOVED the rides.  I mean LOVED!  She wanted to ride everything.

We even saw the Coxes there!  There were thousands of people at the fair and the only people we knew were the Coxes.  Crazy.  I can't even go to the grocery store without seeing 5 people I know.

Bennett was so sweet to sit with SK on the rides where she needed a chaperone.

All these cuties!

Henry and SK loved these little swings

Neil had to sit on the ride while she rode the car.

Boats!  SK decided she was done while the ride was still moving so they had to stop the ride so we could get her off.

This game was disgusting. I mean UGH!  The water was brown and had so much stuff in the bottom.  Ick. I am gagging just typing this.

These are people I love.

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