Friday, August 7, 2015

Gigi's Funeral

Neil's grandmother, Gigi, passed away at the end of July.  The obituary is such a sweet tribute to her great life.  She lived 98 good years and a great family, great memories, and a great legacy.  We will miss Gigi.  I am so glad that my kids got to meet their great-grandmother.  They loved swimming at her house and spending time with her.  When we told the boys that she passed away Bennett said "am I still going to get to swim at her house?"  Henry just went and looked at her picture on the shelf.  :(

Later in the week I overheard Bennett tell Drew "did you know my grandmother died?  She is in heaven."  How sweet.

We had a family dinner at Raw the night before the funeral,  

All the sweet boys played on electronics in the back of the church during the visitation.

Here we are at the luncheon after the funeral.  Bennett looked so handsome in his little coat and tie.

Andrew and Henry

My little family.

All the girls and then Henry jumped in! :)

Richard Lewis crew

Becky and Daniel

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