Saturday, August 1, 2015

Rangers and Legos

We made a quick little trip to Dallas for a Rangers game and to visit Legoland.  We needed to pick up the 4 ft tall Minion pinata that Neil got while he was out in West Texas.  He looked into having it shipped, but it was waaaaaaay too expensive and he couldn't bring it on the plane either.  So, we made a trip to pick it up.  We had a great time hanging with the boys.  We left Sarah Kathryn with Gammy so we could enjoy the trip.  She would not have lasted at the Rangers game!

I picked up Rangers shirts for the boys at Old Navy before we left and I borrowed Amy's Giants shirt.  Neil didn't have time to change before we had to catch the shuttle.   We bought the least expensive tickets and they were great.  The boys had no idea we were in the nosebleeds.  Our bill for food was about double what we paid for tickets.  They ate pretzels, ice cream, cotton candy, hot dogs, and numerous drinks.  It was such a fun time!  And it's crazy how small this world is...we say the Mixon's and Neil talked to a guy from Ruston at the game.  CRAZY!

We got back to the hotel during the 8th inning.  I couldn't believe they lasted until 10pm!  

We got up and headed down the hall for breakfast and the Anderson's were there and staying at our hotel.  Small world.  We got everything packed up and headed to Legoland for our 10:15am reservation.  It was a fun, little place.  A couple of the attractions were broken so that was disappointing, but it didn't ruin our fun!  

4D movie!  It sprayed snow and rain on us!

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